Government have been making progress in their response to the challenges of voting if you can’t see where to put your cross on the ballet paper. A bit of a surprise then, that they giveth with one hand and take away with the other.

We might all feel like it when any local council, let alone a national government, have been in charge of pot holes and rubbish for any length of time, but Heaven forfend that any one of us should vote for the wrong candidate at the moment of casting our hard fought for right to vote.

Casting our vote for the wrong candidate is not the burning topic of the moment, but the wrong voter casting their vote.

Voter fraud is as rare as hens teeth. In an attempt to round up those chickens, there are plans afoot to make sure it doesn’t take hold. But, is turning a blind eye to the fall out worth the gain?

My letter, which appeared in the Guardian on14th May 2021 sets out my principle gripes. There is still time to sort this out so I hope someone is listening.

Voter ID plan is a thinly veiled Tory power grab | Letters | The Guardian