About ‘The Blind Truth’

Anna Tylor has written a series of very funny stories, that spotlight everyday experiences to reveal the absurdities of what lurks just below the surface. With a sideways humour, she describes what its like to live life, to the max, and to do it with not a lot of sight. That’s eye sight.

The humour, the drama and a bit of wincing discomfort, comes not through her visual limitations, but, ironically, through her powers of observation of the world, and the people, around her.

“The Blind Truth” takes in everything that has it’s funny moments from dating to Motherhood, from being a frequent flyer to how public loos are designed. It’s all done from her unique perspective, and done in such a way that when you have stopped laughing and thought about it, you too might see it differently.

The stories are beautifully illustrated by her friend Siobhain Santry who delivers even more joy to a good read.