The Cast of Characters

The Son The person I gave birth to
The DiL Married to The Son
The Grand Their Son
The Sister Whom I’m related to
The Goddaughter Self proclaimed “Domestic Dolly”
The Right Hand Neighbor We share garden tools, wine and leftovers
The Flatmate Part-time flat-sharer and long standing friend
The Best Friend Seldom does a day pass when we don’t speak
The Tech Blinky and all teched up
The Artist Drives the Rolls Canardly, laughs and paints
The Big Cheese Has a grown up job, enjoys a blather as much as me
Sceptic Tank (slang for Yank) Blinky, talented and very funny
The Old Bag With a generous humor I could float away on
The Monk Who has lived in closed holy orders since 1960
The Builder Who took short cuts through my childhood garden
The Dynamo Married to Mr. Dynamo. Mother of Dynamite
The Cleaning Genie Self-explanatory
The Physio Witch Who is cruel to be kind
The Montessorian Who I am often in Bulgaria with
Wanda Otherwise known as google maps

Other parts are played by, but not limited to: drunk people, armed police, taxi drivers, banking relationship managers, London Underground staff, waiters, bus, plane and train travellers, Airport support teams, Airport security, the judiciary, political canvassers, flashers, health workers, comedians, my relatives, fellow shoppers, personal shoppers, shop lifters, coffee shop staff, cashiers, men using urinals, nosy people, thoughtful people, dog walkers, a mobility trainer, my extended friendship circles and Chihuahuas.