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My Natural Colour

“How did you dye your hair that colour when it’s so short?” “This is my natural colour,” I said. “Nahhh. No one has hair that colour.” “I do,” I said. “What colour was it [...]

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June 1st, 2023|Out & About, Stories|

Smashy and Nicey

My friend Sceptic Tank thinks that a house should be minimal. I think that a house is not a home without stuff. The stuff I like is not the stuff she likes. My old [...]

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May 1st, 2023|Home, Stories|

A Big Black Car

The Grand, is obsessed with cars. He lamented the lack of cars in this house. He’s not bothered about reverting to the use of my bus pass, but rather the lack of toy cars [...]

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April 23rd, 2023|Stories, Travel, Work|

Hold the Line

Now that I am feeling less nauseous, I’m trying to get through the jobs that I’ve been putting off for months. These range from emptying the waste paper baskets and relieving them of old [...]

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April 3rd, 2023|Home, Stories|

Call Me by My Name

I’ve been called some choice things in my time. I don’t suppose I will ever be privy to the full range. The Son, who was a Red Dwarf fan, hit upon the idea that [...]

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March 20th, 2023|Out & About|

The Van

Vans are a contentious issue. My friend Malc had a van for nineteen years that he loved, until it got squashed between a Chelsea tractor and a small lorry while he was in it. [...]

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March 6th, 2023|Out & About, Stories|

More Hot Stuff

Food is the new obsession in my life. I’m always cooking it. I don’t always eat it. Sometimes I give it away. Sometimes, I am ashamed to say, it goes to waste. Waste is [...]

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February 27th, 2023|Home, Leisure, Stories|

Hot Stuff

A tasty meal is like the hunt for Red October. I just have to keep going with the drive to hit that sweet, or in my case, that hot spot. Not everyone shares my [...]

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February 14th, 2023|Home, Leisure, Stories|
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