About This Blog

This blog is about the view from where I live my life.

Life is wonderful and challenging and I can’t help but see the funny side. If you don’t laugh you might cry.

There is a serious point to all of this though:

The way that society is organised can be a challenge for people living with sight impairments, and that’s all about attitude, mine and yours. It’s people who can make life a joy or a misery. It’s people who make an inclusive world and people who bring down the shutters and make it exclusive.

I can’t do anything about my dimming vision, but In the world of sight impairment there are endless possibilities that I, and other like minded people, can influence to make the world a more open and inclusive place. And the good news is, everyone benefits.

From audio books, to scanners, first introduced for use by blind people, and felt to be niche and hard to fund, are now universally embraced. Even the welfare system owes much to disabled people.

With proper tech know how, it could be a level playing field for blind and partially sighted people to get an education, a job and beat the ridiculously high levels of unemployment they experience. We can travel, socialise, raise children, pay tax and laugh as hard as the next person.

I argue that what’s good for blind and disabled people is good for everyone else. Political rhetoric might be high but isn’t supported in deed. Disabled people feel an unease that their rights are under threat.

I hope this blog promotes understanding and helps to build support for a truly inclusive approach. We all get the benefit of that. Right?