The Grand was on his second babycino of the afternoon when he had a lightbulb moment:
“Granny, I don’t think you can see very much can you?”
“You’re right,” I said.
With just a hint of caution he suggested; “Have you thought of wearing glasses?”
“It wouldn’t help,” I explained.
“Not shades on your head but glasses on your face like Mummy.”
“I have tried it….” I began
“Because then you could give me your huge hoover.”
He’d just split the atom.

I’m glad the Grand knows what he wants to make him happy. If it’s playing hoovers with a long cane I’ll go with that. He makes me happy.

I’ve been thinking about what it takes to live a good life, to be happy.

A good nights sleep is the holy grail. I like to go to bed early because early nights bring early starts and that’s the best time of day.

There is nothing like laughter. The Old Bag and I laugh together all the time. Last week I answered the door to her with the words, “Is that a tractor I see before me?” We were hot on the heels of Neil Parish’s parliamentary disgrace. “I’m a John Deer,” she said. “All my gears are working and I just keep on going.” for the next hour we sat on my sofa and improvised tractor jokes. Then we listened to The Wurzels singing “I’ve Got a Brand New Combine Harvester,” while I served up supper.

I get excited at the sight of my beans sprouting and totting up just how much fennel I’ve grown. The smell of lilac gets me every time.

It’s a creative life. For me it’s a bit of basket weaving and the time I spend mucking about with clay. I love a good glaze.

I’ve got the knowledge. I know where every clean loo in London is located. If you find yourself passing one, never waste the opportunity.

Nature is wonderful. Learning bird song has taught me so much about my surroundings.

Where there are bluebells there is wild garlic.

If I have an egg I have a meal. If I have an onion I have soup. I have friends who have no sight and always scratch cook. Nothing beats home cooking.

I’m lucky to have the space to invite my friends round to do a conga as we sing “Come on Islene”.

Worrying doesn’t help. Knowing this doesn’t stop me worrying but it keeps the angst in check.

There is nothing like a cat to lift the spirits and keep the rats at bay.

Better to leave cleaning to those that know what they’re doing.

Love is the business. It comes in many forms. Embrace it.

I’m not a gifted singer but that doesn’t stop me. If I’m feeling off colour, or on form, I sing along to Nina Simone “I’m Feeling Good.” It does the trick.

Hiking is one of the great joys of life. If you can walk and talk at the same time, so much the better. Yesterday I walked and talked for four hours, except when I was slurping water.

Invest in comfortable shoes.

I Rejoice at the miracle of Marmite.

Brushing, flossing and regular dentistry brings reward.

I find the regular consumption of lose leaf Earl Grey tea has kept the engine turning.

Now that I’m an old crone, I’ve embraced elastic. I want a comfortable life.

Always have your dark glasses about your person. On your head is fine. However much I am tempted I am never disposed to gift them to the Grand. I never knew that playing hoovers with a long cane could be so much fun.