Hanging on the Telephone

The All Party Parliamentary Group on Eye-Care and Visual Impairment has just published a report on the state of eye care in the NHS. The heart of the matter seems to be the inconsistent and sometimes plain illogical way that services are provided. The report isn't a bundle of laughs …

Speak Your Weight

As if it's not enough to be shouted at by people, who in the face of some obvious revelation feel the need to defend themselves by yelling, I now find myself being challenged by machines that speak. A few years ago I invested in a speaking alarm clock. It's a …

Game. Set & Match

Wimbledon seems to have come round remarkably soon since the last time that our screens were saturated with incomprehensible grunting and invisible action. I know there are plenty of blind people who enjoy following sport. I’m not one

A Map Called Wanda

After a considerable amount of effort to plan a self guided walking tour, of revered places of worship, in Borgas, Wanda (that’s google maps to the uninitiated) and I set out. Tripping out of the hotel Cheap and Noisy, over an invisible step into four lanes of moving traffic,